8 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

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In my opinion, coffee is 100% necessary for survival. It can turn a groggy-eyed zombie into a normally-functioning human and a normally functioning human into Leslie Knope (from Parks and Rec if anyone is familiar).

The only real downside to coffee is that it costs money and has calories if you choose to accessorize it with cream, sugar, flavors, etc.

But don’t you worry, I have some tips and tricks to help you save some dough on your coffee. I can’t help you with the calories though, but I totally wish I could.

8 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

1. Stop drinking Starbucks

I mean it. You’re basic enough without walking around with that red cup in your hand. Not only did I stop drinking Starbucks, but I stopped drinking coffee anywhere but Dunkin Donuts. Starbucks is completely overpriced and the coffee isn’t even that good. I was going to some small town mom and pop coffee shops too which I have also stopped going to (that I actually do feel really bad about because I love small business and plan to open my own coffee shop some day). No matter how convenient it is, do not go anywhere other than Dunkin. Drive 0.4 miles out of the way in order to get Dunks because the difference in coffee price is bigger than the difference in gas price.

Surprise Calorie-Saving Tip #1: At Dunkin Donuts, flavor swirls have calories whereas flavor shots don’t. Many of the popular flavors are available in both forms so you can save some calories getting a French Vanilla or Caramel Flavor Shot as opposed to the same flavor as a swirl.

2. Sign up for the DD Perks App

Alright, let me real talk you guys for a second about DD Perks. It. Is. A. Lifesaver. Especially if you live in New England. Every time the Patriots win, you can get $0.87 coffee with your DD Perks app. So essentially, the entirety of New England gets $0.87 coffee every Monday from November to February. They don’t only do local deals. They will have specials where certain drinks are half priced after 2PM or you get bonus points if you buy this combination. Once you reach a certain point value, you earn a free beverage. I cashed in a free beverage this morning and it was a delightful feeling. You get free beverages for your birthday and every time you refer a friend. But you have to do it through an email address so I’m not even getting anything for telling you guys about it…

3. Order on the Go

You thought we were done talking about DD Perks? Nah. There’s more. The DD Perks app now lets you Order on the Go which means you put in your order from bed and then click the “I’m ready to pick up” button once you get in your car. Once you get to your favorite Dunkin Donuts, your stuff will already be waiting at the Pickup Location and you can walk straight there and grab it while everyone in line gives you a dirty look. This way you avoid the waiting in line, getting hungrier and hungrier, and deciding to get a couple donuts by the time you get to the register.

Surprise Calorie-Saving Tip #2: The DD Perks app is very good about showing calorie counts for different foods, so by ordering from the app, it will be easier to make a healthy choice than just by what looks healthy in-store.

4. Sign Up for Auto Reload to Your DD Perks Account

For a limited time, those who sign up for an auto reload in their DD perks account get three times the points on purchases, meaning you’re spending the same amount of money but receiving more free coffees. The auto-reload works two ways – you choose whether you want it to reload based on time or based on the balance in your account. If you have it reload once a month for a specific amount, that is your coffee budget for the month and you won’t have to worry about exceeding it. You will just have to go without after that, I suppose. If you limit how much you have to spend, you better bet you’ll be visiting on $0.87 coffee days.

5. Invest in a Good Coffee Machine

I know, I know. It’s counter-intuitive to spend money to save money, but sometimes you have to do it. I just bought this Keurig and I love it. Kcups come in so many different brands and flavors, just like regular coffee without the trouble of having to grind up beans or fumble around with pouring grounds when you wake up and you’re still dreaming about Ryan Reynolds. You can make a single cup as opposed to a whole pot since not everyone in a family likes their coffee to taste like literal dirt (like my dad does with his columbian roast). Kcups are less messy than a wet filter full of grounds and Keurigs are much easier to clean than other coffee makers. I run a container of vinegar through mine just about every other week.

6. Invest in a Coffee Press

“But Blondie, I only like iced coffee, and I don’t want to pour my hot coffee over ice because it will water it down” Okay, zip it. I get it. Some people are iced coffee people. I sure am if the temperature is above 35F. That’s why I invested in a coffee press. Coffee Presses use regular grounds and hot or cold water to make the perfect coffee. You can either use hot water heated in a microwave or tea kettle and let it steep for just about as long as you would tea, or you can use cold water and let it steep overnight.

Surprise Calorie-Saving Tip #3: Cold brewing coffee is said to make it less bitter, so if you were to invest some time and money in cold brewing, you might have to invest less in flavored creamers and sugars.

7. Buy Coffee in Bulk

This is just Shopping 101 if you use a lot of something, you should buy it in bulk or buy greater quantities online. We drink a TON of the Dunkin Donuts Original Blend, so we either buy it from Amazon or convince my dad to take us to BJs with him to get it there, because we can’t afford our own membership right now. When we first bought the house and didn’t have our lives together, we were running to the store like once a week to get kcups and it was so expensive. Bulk is definitely a much better option for coffee-lovers. 

8. Invest in a Yeti

I always had a really hard time taking coffee to go because I always find travel mugs to pick up the smell of whatever you put in them. I would have different mugs for different drinks – one for coffee, one for chai tea, one for cocoa and so on. A. that was inefficient and B. it all got ruined the day that my sister put a chai tea in my coffee travel mug. Something about the smell seeping into the plastic turns my stomach, so I was buying travel dixie cups instead. Also expensive and also inefficient. Then one day, the man came home from work with a Yeti for me and my life changed. Now I can take whatever drink I want wherever I want without an issue. I just wash it with baking soda and vinegar once a week when I do the Keurig.

So, there you have it, you guys. 8 ways to save money on coffee.
What do you think? Going to try some of these out? How do you save money on coffee?

Happy Caffeinating and remember Choose Death Before Decaf!! 


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3 thoughts on “8 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

  1. Good tips, and good timing. My daughter started college this year and now likes having coffee every day. Buying from Starbucks every day was getting expensive. She just bought a travel mug this weekend and brought it with her today, so we’ll see how it goes. Great tip to only put coffee in it. I didn’t think about it picking up the taste of something else.

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