Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Guys (based on the Boyfriend Spectrum)

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. Such a sweet day spend with loved ones, only problem being that you’re going to receive a gift, which means that you are expected to give a gift. We’ve already discussed why shopping for guys is so hard, but now we have the added difficulty of giving the appropriate gift for where you are in a relationship.

Relationships today are difficult, and as annoyed as I was every time my mom asked if I was “going steady” with a guy, I wish it was that simple. I wish a guy would give you a letter jacket and that you would just be together, end of discussion.

Today there are like a million and a half relationship statuses. Therefore, I’ve put together a little list of…

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Guys
(based on the Boyfriend Spectrum)

1. Friend

If you’re really good friends with a guy, you probably want to get him something for the holiday. Tread carefully though – if you get him something too nice, he might think that you have a crush on him (see “Crush”) or it might make him feel bad. On the other side, if you get him something too small and he gets you something nice, the opposite scenario might occur.

Some safe gift ideas for this guy are:

I don’t know why so many of those are Star Wars themed. I guess I’m just assuming that if he’s a friend and not your boyfriend he’s probably a dork. No shame in that though, my boyfriend is a huge dork and I still like him, sometimes. 

2. Crush

This one is a little harder. If he is just a crush, I’m assuming that you like him and he doesn’t like you back OR you like him and he doesn’t know. Either way, you need to play it cool, girl. Don’t go and buy him something really expensive and make it awkward for everyone involved. And for the love of all things Holy, do not buy him a stuffed animal. Just don’t. Guys don’t like them. They don’t think their cute. They think you are treating them like a little kid and that it’s weird. Trust.

Gift ideas for your crush are:

Remember. Be cool here. Don’t get your hopes up about any of it. Aim low and avoid disappointment.

3. Guys in the “talking” phase

For my older audience, the “talking” phase of a relationship is where both parties like each other, but they either refuse to admit it, or refuse to make it “official”. It’s silly and is usually caused by a guy who won’t commit or a girl who has been hurt before (probably by a guy who won’t commit).

Some ideas for this guy are:

So, clearly, some of these ideas are kinda passive aggressive. I have a personal disdain for the “talking” phase in a relationship, but sometimes it does transition into a relationship, so you gotta do it I guess.

4. New Boyfriend

Alright you got him to commit, good job. Got to make sure you don’t lose him now. You have to get him something nice enough that he knows you care but also can’t overdo it because it’s really awkward when he gets you a 3D printer and you make him a scrapbook. Again, trust.

The best gifts for new boyfriends are personal and show that you listen when they talk, or whatever…

5. Long-Term Boyfriend

Long-term boyfriends require a lot less stress and effort when buying gifts. You’ve been together long enough that you know what kind of things they appreciate. The issue, though, is that you’ve already bought him so many presents that it can feel like you’re running out of ideas. 

6. Fiancé

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now you’ve really been with this guy for a long time, but don’t worry, there’s still stuff for you to get him, such as:

When I was engaged (yes I was engaged briefly), we were so broke we decided Valentines would be handmade gifts and baked goods only. 

7. Husband

The best part about buying gifts for your husband is that you will get to enjoy the gift too! And since you are married, you probably have more money to throw around, and if you’re super lucky it’s his money you’ll be spending. All of that is kind of a joke. Husbands and dads put up with a lot and deserve something really special for Valentine’s Day and if there’s one thing I know about the men in my life it’s that they LOVE new technology.

Well there you have it. Gift ideas for every guy that you may or may not be dating.
I hope you enjoyed this list!!  
What are you getting for the special guy in your life? Please leave a comment and let me know!!


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16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Guys (based on the Boyfriend Spectrum)

  1. This is the best list! Sometimes you just don’t know what to get because either the guy isn’t quite a boyfriend, or he is far more than Just a boyfriend. Thanks!

  2. This list is AWESOME. I love how you narrowed the gifts down to where the person stands in your life, like friend, crush, etc. That’s so nifty! BTW, I absolutely just fell in love with your blog, period.

  3. Amazing ideas. You are so right about it that my husband really likes and owns 90 percent things you mentioned. All the categories have ideas that all men would love to get

  4. To be honest I’m not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I think we can celebrate our love in all the other days of the year:D However I think that your ideas are lovely and they can definitely make boys happy:D

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