10 Organization & Decluttering Tips to Adopt Early in Life: A Guest Post by Heather from Blissful Intent

Something really special is happening today at Blonde Roast by the Coast. We have our first ever guest post written by my friend Heather who blogs over at Blissful Intent. She is a super amazing organizer and budgeter and is going to share some organizing tips with us today! 

10 Organization & Decluttering Tips to Adopt Early in Life:
A Guest Post by Heather from Blissful Intent

10 Organization and Decluttering Tips to Adopt Early in Life

Do you struggle with keeping your home organized and clutter free?

Do your belongings tend to make their way to a home where they don’t belong?

I remember the college days when I lived in a little apartment and owned very few things.  Now that I’ve grown up a lot, gotten married, bought a home and brought children into the world it seems so much harder to keep things organized.

After years of collecting all the things, I’ve finally come to grips with the reality of adopting new things into my home. Each time I feel like I want to bring something home from the store I ask myself if I want to dedicate the hours required to keep it clean and organized.

Organization and Decluttering tips to adopt early in life so that organization comes more easily later.

If I could go back and tell my younger self a few things it would be these 10 organization ideas:

  1. If you don’t use it for six months donate it.  It’s not worth space in your home.  
  2. When your friends ask you to be a part of their wedding see if you can rent your outfit instead of buying it new.  There are plenty of places online now that you can rent from for a fraction of the price.  One example, Rent the Runway. This will save you so much space in your closet down the road.
  3. When you get it out put it away as soon as you’re done with it.
  4. Make a designated place for shoes, bags, coats and umbrellas (if you do not have a mud room).
  5. Store away clothes when it’s not the season to wear them.  This will give you so much more space in your tiny closet! Don’t forget about those nifty under the bed storage solutions.
  6. You don’t need all of those kitchen cooking utensils, but you do need a good coffee pot!
  7. Wipe all of your small appliances down after you use them and store them in the cabinets for more organized countertops.
  8. Invest in nice bins, tubs, storage bags and boxes and a label maker!
  9. Get rid of those magazines when you’re done with them.
  10. Declutter under cabinets and in the junk drawer often. You will be amazed at what you forget about that could save you money!

The habits you form at a younger age tend to stick with you.  If you build good habits early on then you can save yourself hours of time and stress later on down the road.  There isn’t a need to hang onto something you aren’t going to use. The drawers and cabinets in your home are precious real estate. Kick the clutter and unused things to the curb.  You will notice that you are a lot less stressed out when you aren’t surrounded by clutter and constantly cleaning up.

About Heather:

Heather is an accountant by day and blogger by night.  She’s raising a family with her husband as well as her business while working full-time. Her girls are 1 and 6 respectively, so she’s knee deep in diapers and attitude on a regular basis. You can find more of her work at Blissful Intent.

Keep up with Heather:

If you liked this post, be sure to check out Heather’s site and if you’re looking for budgeting and financial tips, be sure to join her Facebook Group!! I’m a part of it and I LOVE IT!!


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14 thoughts on “10 Organization & Decluttering Tips to Adopt Early in Life: A Guest Post by Heather from Blissful Intent

  1. I think I have a hard time parting with things because of “just in case.” But I like the approach of if it hasn’t been used in 6 months then toss it. I have too much stuff stored away “just in case.”

  2. I am a firm subscriber to the “if i haven’t used it in 6 months, I’m not going to use it” rule. It has helped me so much over the last few years to really pair down my stuff to things I use and love.

  3. I would say the exception of the 6 month rule is for seasonal items. Those can be if you didn’t use them last year and don’t plan to this year, get rid of those items. Also I agree with a good coffee pot, except I don’t drink coffee, but I have a great electric water pot and love it for tea.

  4. I think I need to do some decluttering for the New Year. I try to get rid of anything that I haven’t used worn in sometime. My house is on the smaller side and it can be hard finding the right place for everything.

  5. Love your advice to start early on, in life. Completely agree that these are amazing habits to develop. And I’m sure kids who watch parents, will follow suit too. Love your point of having a designated place for stuff – my favorite quote for this, that I read somewhere is: “A place for everything and everything in its place”. Awesome tips to declutter!!

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