10 Simple Steps to Make the Best Coffee with a Percolator

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Please enjoy the following guest post written by Meena from Meena Writes! She specializes in writing posts to drive more traffic to a particular business, but is also an avid coffee drinker, just like us!! Today, shes going to teach us how to make the best coffee with a percolator.

10 Simple steps to make the most delicious coffee with a percolator!!

Doesn’t coffee have the most divine aroma? And doesn’t it inject a joie-de-vivre into your morning? A perkiness…perhaps?

Believe it or not, that perkiness comes right out of your coffee percolator into your mug of oozing warm liquid coffee – that-smells-divine-and-you-can-wait-to-take-your-first-sip.

That’s right we are talking about coffee percolators and the reason why they are called so is because coffee literally “perks up” – when you see bubbles inside the dome area of your percolator.

These days though, old fashion percolators have been shun to the bottom drawer, replaced by electronic coffee machines that can brew your coffee and froth your milk at the same time or coffee that comes right out of a tiny pod in flavours that are almost too good to complain about.

Many people complain that coffee from percolators have a strong or a bitter taste, but the good ole percolator deserves a mention and staunch coffee drinkers will swear by it even today.

So let’s see how we can re-create the magic of the old and make freshly brewed coffee that “perks” up along with you every morning:

To start off, you will need your percolator – that’s obvious huh?!

      1. Wash your percolator thoroughly if using for the first time and then set up the stand and perforated coffee chamber in the pot.
      2. Pour the desired amount of water in the water chamber, making sure it’s below the level of the coffee chamber.
      3. Grind your beans to coarse consistency as fine coffee will seep through with water and you will find yourself seeping a cup full of gritty coffee bean bits.
      4. Pack the coffee chamber with freshly ground coffee depending on how strong or mild you want it. A good ratio to go by is one tablespoon of ground coffee per eight ounces of water.
      5. Assemble the rest of the percolator by placing the spreader plate on top of the coffee chamber, then the glass bubble in the middle and lastly, firmly close the lid on the pot.

Now you are ready to start the brewing process

Isn’t it exciting? I am almost bubbling with excitement!!

      1. Ok, now put the percolator on your stove – electric or gas. Depending on what you have it helps to regulate the heat. For an electric stove you can put the percolator on a cold stove and then turn up the switch. The water will slowly heat up close to a boil and brew the coffee. For a gas stove keep the heat low as you don’t want the water to boil over quickly.
      2. Most coffee percolators have a glass dome on the top so you can see through and monitor what is going on. As soon as you start hearing sputtering sounds, you will notice it in the gass dome and the faster that happens, it means that the water is getting hotter
      3. Regulate the heat so that the sputtering and bubbles in the glass dome occurs every few seconds and not any faster, or your water will be too hot for optimum brewing to take place.
      4. Let the coffee percolate for about 10 minutes which will make a nice cup of strong coffee but if you like a milder cup then let it brew for a shorter period of time. Experiment with your percolator and brewing times for your ideal taste.
      5. Once done, remove the percolator from the heat source and with an oven mitt, open the lid and remove the coffee chamber so that you don’t get ground coffee bits in your cup when you pour it out.

And there you have it. A tantalizing cup of the most amazing coffee to perk your day!

Do you have any tips on using a percolator? Have you had any different experiences? Comment below and let me know.

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I hope everyone enjoyed Meena’s post!!
I sure did!! I can’t wait to try out a percolator for a great cup of joe!!


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