How to Grow Your Blog and Your Career Simultaneously

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How did you guys spend your extra hour this weekend? I spent it in the most productive way possible – catching up on my blog emails (blemails as my man calls it) and preparing for the launch of MY NEW ETSY SHOP, coming soon.

I won’t give too much away, but they are crafts (obvi), mostly made with my new Cricut Explore (duh), and mostly (you guessed it) coffee themed!!

I’ll let you guys know when my shop is up and running and I will also be sending a special PROMO CODE to all my subscribers so they can receive a discount at my shop. 

The extra hour this weekend was a LIFE SAVER for me! I have been exhausted for weeks and I was able to sleep in today until 7:30, which felt like 8:30 and still have a whole lot of day left to get stuff done!!

I’m not going to do any research or actually site this fun fact, but I remember learning in my high school AP Psychology class that if humans are held somewhere with completely artificial light and no external concept of time, their body actually stays up one hour later every night.

This means that the human body is actually built for a 25 hour day, which is probably why all of us Type-A do-it-all-ers always feel that the days are too short.

But I digress.

Tomorrow, we go back to our 24 hour days *sobs* and for us career women by day, bloggers by night, that means we have a long day ahead of us.

I have a system that works pretty well for me that I would LOVE to share with all of you, so hold on to your seats everyone, here we go:

4:45 AM

My days start bright and early. The man works early and far from home. His alarm goes off at around 4:45 and its time for coffee. Always Dunkin Donuts and usually made by my handsome man.

5:00 AM

Between 5 and 5:30, I work on snuggling our perfect kitty while he’s getting ready for work.

5:30 AM

At 5:30 he kisses me goodbye and sets my computer on my lap. Then it’s go time. I spend from 5:30 to 6:45 on my computer doing various activities to grow my blog. Last week, I spent all my mornings working on e-courses. I completed:

  1. Blog By Number, an e-course by Suzi from Start a Mom Blog
    Not that I’m famous or anything, but I am featured on her Blog by Number Landing Page, no biggie by number
  2. The 7 Day Blogging Bootcamp Email Course from Dana at I Can Build a Blog which was incredibly helpful and added a TON  of productive to-dos to my list.
  3. The 7 Day Build Your Blog Course from Tiffany from Beautiful Dawn Designs which gave me some really good insight about driving more traffic to my blog.
  4. The Traffic Surge Email Course from Chantal at Busy Blogging Mom who is incredibly knowledgeable about growing on social media.

6:45 AM

Seems like a lot right? Yeah, it sure feels that way, then I remember, it’s only 6:45 AM. At which point I get out of bed and start getting ready for work. You don’t really need to know the details, but it usually goes:
6:45-7: shower
7-7:15: outfit and makeup
7:15-7:30: breakfast
7:30-7:45: blow-dry hair
and by 7:50 I’m leaving for work, coffee in my decalled yeti in hand (coming soon to my Etsy shop).

8:00 AM

My commute is super short so I always get to work by 8. I get settled in at my desk. Look through my calendar and see what I have going on for the day.

Once I know when my set-in-stone meetings are, I look at my to-do list and block of time on my calendar to get each task done. My calendar is color coded, because that’s just the kind of person I am – blue is a meeting, purple is personal, and green a task time block. Thanks to my amazing Apple Watch I get a 15 minute warning in the form of a strange vibration on my wrist for each of my meetings/events.

I work my butt off while I’m at work. I take a 5-minute stretch my legs, drink some water, go to the bathroom break about once an hour during which time I will glance at my blemail, pinterest, or maybe even post something on my blinstagram (you guessed it, blog-instagram).

12:00 PM

Some days I head home for lunch, since I live so close and my dad is partially-retired, I know he’ll be there. During my lunch break, I’ll work on stocking my Etsy shop, working on my editorial calendar, moving laundry loads, loading/unloading the dishwasher or getting everything ready to make dinner.

Some days, I don’t get a lunch break. As a manufacturing engineer, production of materials is my #1 priority and if there is something wrong on the production line, it’s all hands on deck to get it back up and running.

1:00 PM

You guys, millennials have a really bad rep in the workplace. My boss recently told me when I was promoted to his team that he was really worried I wouldn’t care enough about the work to get anything done. He laughs about it now because I have gone “above and beyond” his expectations.

That’s the thing about working, you don’t have to be good at your job – if you are that’s a plus, but if you CARE, and TRY, and WORK HARD, the skill will come later – and all of your coworkers will like you better.

Around 4:45 or 5 I head home. Production’s shift is 7-3:30, so there are no more fires after that and everyone can breathe easy.

5:00 PM

Once I get home, the man and I will craft together for a little bit, using some pretty serious engineering skills (soldering, wiring, powertools, the whole nine). Currently, we’re working on a combination snowglobe/shadow box for our AMAZING and WONDERFUL real estate agent to thank her for finding us the most PERFECT house on the planet.

6:30 PM

Once dinner is ready, we all eat together

7:00 PM

After cleanup, the man and I retire to the playroom where he will play some (horribly violent and loud) video games and I will hop back on my computer to read some eBooks.

This week I read:

  1. 14 Days to a Better Blog by Helene from Helene In Between
  2. Blogging Breakthrough by Holly at A Branch of Holly

9:00 PM

Once he’s tired of his game and my eyes are too tired to read, we snuggle up and watch a show. Recently, we’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother from start to finish, but we just finished it up today and now it feels that our lives have no meaning.

I guess we’re gonna have to find a new show for this coming week. I’d love some suggestions if anyone has any.

10:00 PM

After a couple episodes, we head to bed, light our Cinnamon Apple Candle (which he accidentally stole from his roommate, sorry Connor) and talk about our days. If we’re lucky, we’re asleep from 10:30 to 4:45 when it starts all over again.

I’m not gonna lie. It’s exhausting.

It’s hard to get up early and work on a website that has earned me $0.01 on Google Adsense, an Etsy page that isn’t even live yet which could be a total flop, and go to work day in and day out to handle last minute fires of production or missing R&D parts.

But what would I be doing otherwise? Laying around? Watching TV? That’s not my style. I’m a do-er and I’m gonna keep on do-ing.

Do any of you blog by day and work by night? Lets talk about it below!!

Please share this post if you found it helpful!! It would mean the world to me!


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15 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Blog and Your Career Simultaneously

  1. You guys are all so inspirational in the way you write and teach!! It was my pleasure to take your courses and I honestly, sincerely learned so much!!

  2. I loved every minute of this! But that’s what you do if you want to grow a business! I’m working on a few things for next year for my blog and I definitely have to manage time between a side hustle (to pay down debt), a full time job (to pay bills), and a hobby/business potential (aka my blog: Post Grad Stat)

    It’s a lot of work like you said but I wouldn’t have it any other way either!

  3. I work a normal 8-5 job, and I’m single mom of 3. My regular job is my only break from the kids, so it’s very difficult for me to find blog time but I do it whenever I can, even on my 10 minute breaks at work, lol.

  4. Really great post! Blogging is hardwork; it needs time and consistency. I prefer blogging early in the morning and late at night. It’s much more quiet and productive at those times.

  5. This sounds like a pretty good routine. I definitely need to figure out something. I am starting to burn myself out and I really need to be careful of that. I will have to try and break my day up a bit more like you do!

  6. I don’t think I could do the late night. I need my sleep to be productive for both blogging and real work, anything. If you can run on no sleep, you’re super, but I am not like that. I just need to do what I can in the day and forget the rest and hop into bed at night.

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