How to Grow Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest Group Boards

Do you ever feel like you’re only posting for yourself/your mom/your boyfriend? As if you’re putting all this work into your (admittedly amazing) blog posts and you just wish that people would see them?

Getting traffic to your blog is the most important part of building a successful foundation for your site. Once you have readers, you will then have followers, and finally, customers.

But, how do you gain traffic? The internet is a big place.

How to use pinterest group boards to increase your blog traffic dramatically, plus a spreadsheet with 70 groupboards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.

According to hugely successful bloggers, Pinterest is the #1 way to get traffic to your blog.

Joining Pinterest Group Boards in an excellent way to get your content seen by more people. Not only are your pins seen by your followers, but they are seen by everyone in the group board and many of their followers. 

Finding group boards is hard. You have to ensure that it is an active board with many collaborators and a high repin ratio. Luckily for you I have made a list of 70 group boards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.

Why is all that important?

Because, most people just pin their newest blog post, but if you were to constantly pin all of your blog content, you would be bringing in more traffic to your blog – old and new content.

Did you know that you can pin the same blog post to a board more than one time? That’s something I just learned recently. You could pin 100+ times to a ton of group boards and get AMPLE exposure for your site.

More pageviews means more readers means more followers means more customers.

Ready to put your newfound pIntellegence to the test? Join my Coffee-Loving Bloggers Group Board!!

How to use pinterest group boards to increase your blog traffic dramatically, plus a spreadsheet with 70 groupboards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.

Did you get your spreadsheet? I did all the work for you. All you have to do is click the links to be taken to the boards you are interested in!!

What strategies do you use to grow your traffic? Let’s talk about it below!!


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21 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest Group Boards

  1. I love having conversations with other bloggers, thus I love visiting other bloggers sites and chatting with them (IE leaving comments like this). I like pinterest… For when I am bored and just want some eye-engagement, ha ha… But I haven’t quite hacked it just yet. Ugh. That being said, I would love to join your group board! I just followed it… And you can use the email attached to my comment to add me, if you’d like 🙂
    GiGi Eats recently posted…DON’T FORGET TO DO THIS…My Profile

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Where have you been all this time!! I too have a spreadsheet for all of the group boards I’ve joined/ Would like to join. I love yours and downloaded it right away. Thanks for taking the time to organize it all..this is seriously a huge help!
    Lo recently posted…4 Tips to workout without hating itMy Profile

  3. Wow, thank you for the spread sheet you included, that definitely makes it easier for people who’re just getting into Pintrerest! That’s definitely going to take me a while to get through.

  4. Great post! Thank you for the spreadsheet. Your post helped me get a better understanding of Pinterest group boards. This is something I need to implement ASAP.

  5. Hi, what a gift to your community the spreadsheet of group boards is. I started compiling a list not too long ago but I’m nowhere near 70. ^_^

    Do you use a scheduler to post your pins? I just started with Tailwind. I’m finding a lot of interesting pins and tribes that way.

    (from Turbo Blogging group FB)

    Enjoy your day,

    Sara recently posted…5 Productivity Tools to Help You Live Your Best LifeMy Profile

  6. That answered a lot of questions I had thank you so much for this post! One question, though. Say we repin the same post to numerous group boards. Won’t that spam the main feed of our followers with the same post, or will it only show the post once if we post it in multiple groups? I have worried about that so I have been pinning minimally due to this.

    Thank you for the group board list as well! That is a fab resource! Much appreciated <3
    Ghastly Girl recently posted…The Science Behind Why Stepping on a Lego Hurts So MuchMy Profile

  7. Oh my goodness…this is wonderful. My blog is so new that I’m a little afraid to wade into the world of growing traffic via Pinterest and trying to join groups there. I’m not sure when I can and should start since I don’t have a lot of posts up yet. That said, I’m definitely going to get your spreadsheet to see if any of those groups are in my niche (mom blogger/Christian blogger). And I’d love to join your group board as well! I’ll do that once I’m on my laptop and not on mobile. I looooove coffee, so I’d just enjoy the posts there, I’m sure. Thank you for sharing this list! I appreciate it.

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