How to Grow Your Blog Traffic with Pinterst – Part 2

Last week, I posted an article about How to Grow Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest Group Boards. It seems that it was really helpful to you guys, so I decided I should write another article to answer some of your questions that came from the first and to give a little more insight into how to be successful on Pinterest!!

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest - Understanding smart feed, finding group boards to join, properly requesting access, implementing pin scheduling, PLUS a list of 50 "No Posting Limit" Group Boards you NEED to join!!

In my original post, I shared a spreadsheet of 70 group boards, how to join them, and their pinning rules.

Some of you wondered, however, what criteria I used for deciding which groups to join and which to pass on.

Here’s the method I use:

1. Stalk the Pinterest account of your favorite bloggers

For me, that was:

  1. Cath (Blog // Pinterest)
  2. Marie (Blog // Pinterest)
  3. Krista Dickson (Blog // Pinterest)
  4. Heather (Blog // Pinterest)
  5. Desire (Blog // Pinterest)
  6. Chantal (Blog // Pinterest)
  7. Nicole (Blog // Pinterest)
  8. Elna Cain (Blog // Pinterest)
  9. Suzi (Blog // Pinterest)
  10. Abby (Blog // Pinterest)

2. Click on all of the boards you see that interest you

My criteria for clicking on a board is whether it falls within my niche and it has good graphics from the board cover.

3. Read the description of the board

Please see my shameless self promotion

PS. if you click the image you’ll be taken to the board

Look for:

  1. What niche of pins are accepted (blogging, lifestyle, motherhood, career…)
  2. How many pins are allowed per day
  3. How often you can repeat pins
  4. How many contributors the board has
  5. How many followers the board has
  6. Instructions for joining

4. Make a decision

These days, I will join a group board if it has allows repeat pins, has no posting limit, has a high number of followers, and seems active from scrolling through the pins.

5. Request to Join

Look at this Email I sent to Elna: My subject line is the name of the board. I addressed her by name. I told her that I already followed her because that was a requirement to join. I THANKED her. and I left my email address, pinterest URL, and my email signature includes my site.

PLEASE for the love of all things holy DO NOT EMAIL A FAMOUS BLOGGER without a subject, giving them the information they asked for, or thanking them for their time.

Also, if the rules say to follow them before requesting access, do it. Don’t ask for access without following first. That is just tacky, and you know it.

If the instructions request that you send them a Pinterest DM, I will usually send them the board and ask if they would add me as a collaborator “to this board” so there is no confusion about which board I mean.

You: “But Blondie!! What if there are multiple boards I want to join??”

First of all, chill. There’s no need to get so worked up. I was very interested in many of the group boards owned by Marie from Ladies Make Money Online so I wrote this email:

Are you seeing a pattern here? Take time in crafting your emails and be courteous. Remember, you are asking them for a favor.

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest - Understanding smart feed, finding group boards to join, properly requesting access, implementing pin scheduling, PLUS a list of 50 "No Posting Limit" Group Boards you NEED to join!!

6. Get accepted

You’ll get accepted to half the boards you request to collaborate on within the first 24 hours, 35% within the first week, and 10% within the month. 5% you won’t hear back. There are many reasons for this – they are on maternity (you know bloggers are always poppin’ out babies), you ended up in their spam folder (probably from lack of a subject line), you didn’t follow them first (that’s your own fault), or any other number of reasons.

7. Start Pinning

Alright guys, let’s rap about Pinterest for a second:

Pinterest uses a super complicated and ever-changing algorithm called “Smart Feed” to rate pins. It’s based on the quality of the pin, the number of shares, the quality of the source (blog), and how often someone searches your keywords.


That means you can literally pin the same pin EVERY SINGLE DAY to MULTIPLE GROUP BOARDS. Do some math here people:

# pins x # boards = increased “Smart Feed” Rating

Increasing your Smart Feed rating is important because then your pins could show up on a feed of someone who doesn’t follow you. You know those “Picked for you” pins that always show up? That’s what I’m talking about.

You: “But Blondie, I have 25 blog posts and 2 Pinterest graphics each and 15 group boards!! You want me to pin 750 times a day?”

Yes that is exactly what I expect you to do – with Tailwind.

8. Schedule your Pins

Tailwind is an website that schedule your pins to Pinterest for the best times of day.  It also tracks the success of your pins and sends you a weekly email about data on how they all perform. Tailwind schedules your pins for the times of day that your previous pins have performed best. I do all my scheduling on Saturdays and don’t have to stress about pinning for THE WHOLE WEEK.

If you sign up for Tailwind through my link, you can earn a $15 credit towards your account!

9. Achieve Great Success

This is the most important step. You have put in so much work and I really just want you all to be successful. These are all the steps that I use and my Pinterest has been growing steadily for many months now.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below or email me. If I don’t know the answer, I will direct you to someone who does.

Get Pinnin’ Yall!!


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How to use pinterest group boards to increase your blog traffic dramatically, plus a spreadsheet with 70 groupboards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.   Badass Blogger Roundup   

How to Grow Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest Group Boards

How to use pinterest group boards to increase your blog traffic dramatically, plus a spreadsheet with 70 groupboards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.

Do you ever feel like you’re only posting for yourself/your mom/your boyfriend? As if you’re putting all this work into your (admittedly amazing) blog posts and you just wish that people would see them?

Getting traffic to your blog is the most important part of building a successful foundation for your site. Once you have readers, you will then have followers, and finally, customers.

But, how do you gain traffic? The internet is a big place.

How to use pinterest group boards to increase your blog traffic dramatically, plus a spreadsheet with 70 groupboards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.

According to hugely successful bloggers, Pinterest is the #1 way to get traffic to your blog.

Joining Pinterest Group Boards in an excellent way to get your content seen by more people. Not only are your pins seen by your followers, but they are seen by everyone in the group board and many of their followers. 

Finding group boards is hard. You have to ensure that it is an active board with many collaborators and a high repin ratio. Luckily for you I have made a list of 70 group boards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.

Why is all that important?

Because, most people just pin their newest blog post, but if you were to constantly pin all of your blog content, you would be bringing in more traffic to your blog – old and new content.

How to use pinterest group boards to increase your blog traffic dramatically, plus a spreadsheet with 70 groupboards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.

Did you know that you can pin the same blog post to a board more than one time? That’s something I just learned recently. You could pin 100+ times to a ton of group boards and get AMPLE exposure for your site.

More pageviews means more readers means more followers means more customers.

Ready to put your newfound pIntellegence to the test? Join my Coffee-Loving Bloggers Group Board!!

How to use pinterest group boards to increase your blog traffic dramatically, plus a spreadsheet with 70 groupboards, how to join them, and the pinning rules.

Did you get your spreadsheet? I did all the work for you. All you have to do is click the links to be taken to the boards you are interested in!!

What strategies do you use to grow your traffic? Let’s talk about it below!!


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How to Grow Your Blog and Your Career Simultaneously

This post may contain affiliate links

How did you guys spend your extra hour this weekend? I spent it in the most productive way possible – catching up on my blog emails (blemails as my man calls it) and preparing for the launch of MY NEW ETSY SHOP, coming soon.

I won’t give too much away, but they are crafts (obvi), mostly made with my new Cricut Explore (duh), and mostly (you guessed it) coffee themed!!

I’ll let you guys know when my shop is up and running and I will also be sending a special PROMO CODE to all my subscribers so they can receive a discount at my shop. 

The extra hour this weekend was a LIFE SAVER for me! I have been exhausted for weeks and I was able to sleep in today until 7:30, which felt like 8:30 and still have a whole lot of day left to get stuff done!!

I’m not going to do any research or actually site this fun fact, but I remember learning in my high school AP Psychology class that if humans are held somewhere with completely artificial light and no external concept of time, their body actually stays up one hour later every night.

This means that the human body is actually built for a 25 hour day, which is probably why all of us Type-A do-it-all-ers always feel that the days are too short.

But I digress.

Tomorrow, we go back to our 24 hour days *sobs* and for us career women by day, bloggers by night, that means we have a long day ahead of us.

I have a system that works pretty well for me that I would LOVE to share with all of you, so hold on to your seats everyone, here we go:

4:45 AM

My days start bright and early. The man works early and far from home. His alarm goes off at around 4:45 and its time for coffee. Always Dunkin Donuts and usually made by my handsome man.

5:00 AM

Between 5 and 5:30, I work on snuggling our perfect kitty while he’s getting ready for work.

5:30 AM

At 5:30 he kisses me goodbye and sets my computer on my lap. Then it’s go time. I spend from 5:30 to 6:45 on my computer doing various activities to grow my blog. Last week, I spent all my mornings working on e-courses. I completed:

  1. Blog By Number, an e-course by Suzi from Start a Mom Blog
    Not that I’m famous or anything, but I am featured on her Blog by Number Landing Page, no biggie by number
  2. The 7 Day Blogging Bootcamp Email Course from Dana at I Can Build a Blog which was incredibly helpful and added a TON  of productive to-dos to my list.
  3. The 7 Day Build Your Blog Course from Tiffany from Beautiful Dawn Designs which gave me some really good insight about driving more traffic to my blog.
  4. The Traffic Surge Email Course from Chantal at Busy Blogging Mom who is incredibly knowledgeable about growing on social media.

6:45 AM

Seems like a lot right? Yeah, it sure feels that way, then I remember, it’s only 6:45 AM. At which point I get out of bed and start getting ready for work. You don’t really need to know the details, but it usually goes:
6:45-7: shower
7-7:15: outfit and makeup
7:15-7:30: breakfast
7:30-7:45: blow-dry hair
and by 7:50 I’m leaving for work, coffee in my decalled yeti in hand (coming soon to my Etsy shop).

8:00 AM

My commute is super short so I always get to work by 8. I get settled in at my desk. Look through my calendar and see what I have going on for the day.

Once I know when my set-in-stone meetings are, I look at my to-do list and block of time on my calendar to get each task done. My calendar is color coded, because that’s just the kind of person I am – blue is a meeting, purple is personal, and green a task time block. Thanks to my amazing Apple Watch I get a 15 minute warning in the form of a strange vibration on my wrist for each of my meetings/events.

I work my butt off while I’m at work. I take a 5-minute stretch my legs, drink some water, go to the bathroom break about once an hour during which time I will glance at my blemail, pinterest, or maybe even post something on my blinstagram (you guessed it, blog-instagram).

12:00 PM

Some days I head home for lunch, since I live so close and my dad is partially-retired, I know he’ll be there. During my lunch break, I’ll work on stocking my Etsy shop, working on my editorial calendar, moving laundry loads, loading/unloading the dishwasher or getting everything ready to make dinner.

Some days, I don’t get a lunch break. As a manufacturing engineer, production of materials is my #1 priority and if there is something wrong on the production line, it’s all hands on deck to get it back up and running.

1:00 PM

You guys, millennials have a really bad rep in the workplace. My boss recently told me when I was promoted to his team that he was really worried I wouldn’t care enough about the work to get anything done. He laughs about it now because I have gone “above and beyond” his expectations.

That’s the thing about working, you don’t have to be good at your job – if you are that’s a plus, but if you CARE, and TRY, and WORK HARD, the skill will come later – and all of your coworkers will like you better.

Around 4:45 or 5 I head home. Production’s shift is 7-3:30, so there are no more fires after that and everyone can breathe easy.

5:00 PM

Once I get home, the man and I will craft together for a little bit, using some pretty serious engineering skills (soldering, wiring, powertools, the whole nine). Currently, we’re working on a combination snowglobe/shadow box for our AMAZING and WONDERFUL real estate agent to thank her for finding us the most PERFECT house on the planet.

6:30 PM

Once dinner is ready, we all eat together

7:00 PM

After cleanup, the man and I retire to the playroom where he will play some (horribly violent and loud) video games and I will hop back on my computer to read some eBooks.

This week I read:

  1. 14 Days to a Better Blog by Helene from Helene In Between
  2. Blogging Breakthrough by Holly at A Branch of Holly

9:00 PM

Once he’s tired of his game and my eyes are too tired to read, we snuggle up and watch a show. Recently, we’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother from start to finish, but we just finished it up today and now it feels that our lives have no meaning.

I guess we’re gonna have to find a new show for this coming week. I’d love some suggestions if anyone has any.

10:00 PM

After a couple episodes, we head to bed, light our Cinnamon Apple Candle (which he accidentally stole from his roommate, sorry Connor) and talk about our days. If we’re lucky, we’re asleep from 10:30 to 4:45 when it starts all over again.

I’m not gonna lie. It’s exhausting.

It’s hard to get up early and work on a website that has earned me $0.01 on Google Adsense, an Etsy page that isn’t even live yet which could be a total flop, and go to work day in and day out to handle last minute fires of production or missing R&D parts.

But what would I be doing otherwise? Laying around? Watching TV? That’s not my style. I’m a do-er and I’m gonna keep on do-ing.

Do any of you blog by day and work by night? Lets talk about it below!!

Please share this post if you found it helpful!! It would mean the world to me!


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My Top Ten Fabulous, Famous Bloggers – Badass Blogger Roundup

This post may contain affiliate links

Oh my gosh, you guys. The past few weeks have been so busy! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks! My editorial calendar is weeping right now.

It started with a promotion at work. I got moved to a different department that needed a lot of help, so I’ve been putting in a bunch of extra hours and bringing work home trying to get that department back in order.

I also recently bought a Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine, which is an amazing piece of technology and so now I’m pretty much the craftiest gal on the block. I’ve literally tried to decal everything. Even my cat.

Then I went on my first ever paid vacation. I got to spend a couple days in Memphis, TN with the love of my life. We had such a nice time visiting family and enjoying the warm air!

We got back and life immediately spun out of control.

If you read my (horrible, embarrasing, soon to be revamped) about me page then you saw that the man and I just put an offer on a house. The house is a short sale which means that the bank owns it but the current resident still lives there because it’s like a pre-foreclosure.

Although the house is adorable, it’s been nothing but trouble to get this sale to go through. We put this offer on the house in August and now it’s nearly November and the bank still hasn’t approved our offer!! Crazy right??

They actually even told us that they wanted $140K more than we offered which is $75K more than the house was listed for online, which is just Ludicrous.

Yesterday, we took the final straw and walked away from that house (or run screaming away from it as my coworker, Megan, put it).

So I’ve been spending the entirety of my lunch breaks and evenings either touring houses with our amazing real estate agent, or searching for houses on my own and performing Cost-Benefit Analyses in Excel to really decide what’s the best deal.

We found the PERFECT house. It’s only been on the market for two days so we put our offer down today and I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out!!

I’ll talk more about all that in the next few weeks, but for now, without further ado… the real reason you’re here: My BadAss Blogger Roundup

Badass Blogger Roundup

1. Kristen from Believe in a Budget 

Kristen is a blogger who blogs about blogging which seems redundant but is actually super helpful to newbie bloggers like me. Believe in a Budget is actually one of the first few blogs I actually started reading because I kept feeling the need to pin her articles to my *secret* Pinterest board called Help Me I’m Poor – anyway, Kristen has a bunch of really helpful resources and is so sweet. I’ve actually had a personal conversation with her about a blogging issue I was having and she gave me some excellent advice. Highly recommend everyone make their way over right now.

2. Krista from Blog Beautifully

Krista is a literal sweetheart. She is another blogger who blogs to help others with their websites which is just so noble in my opinion. She runs a ton of pinterest boards and facebook pages and is always more than happy to add you to them. I definitely 1000% subscribing for for her emails because they are always so cute and funny!!

3. Paige from Eyeliner Wings and Pretty Things

Paige. Is. Perf. Paige is a college student who loves fashion and travel. I relate to Paige because, while a lot of bloggers are moms (and I love that) Paige is a college student as I was just a few short months ago. I really wish I had started my blog in college like Paige did. She is such an inspiration and her instagram is LIT.

4. Regina from By Regina

Regina has so many online e-courses and email courses that are AMAZINGLY HELPFUL and FREE. She posts such animated videos explaining everything you need to know and she puts together workbooks for every lesson. It is truly remarkable. Her curriculum is more put together than that of most of my college classes.

5. Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog

I only found Abby’s blog recently, but I am literally in love with it. She’s a complete organization freak just like me. I’m receiving emails for her blogging and organizational email courses right now and they are phenomenal. I’m learning so much from all of these ladies!

6. Katie from Sugar Spice and Sparkle

Katie is for real a role model of mine. I relate to her in a way I don’t relate to most bloggers. Katie is an engineer who blogs at night for a creative outlet which is exactly what I do. I love that Katie shatters the mold of what an engineer is supposed to look like by being a total babe. This girl is the bomb and you definitely need to get your sparkle on and head over.

7. Neely from It Starts with Coffee

Aside from being a fellow lover of the magical substance (coffee), Neely is also an excellent blogging instructor with very small blogging courses in which she actually interacts with you via Google Hangouts. So instead of just sending emails with instructions, she gives you advice in real time and allows you to ask questions.

8. Jackie from Jade and Oak

Okay, so Jackie is one of the first bloggers I became obsessed with because, like Katie, Jackie has a full-time, successful career and is just blogging for funsies. Along with blogging advice, she actually offers advice about the legality of your website: disclosure statements, copyright laws, and things like that. I would highly highly suggest looking through her material and ensuring that you’re blogging properly.

9. Sami from The Classic Brunette

Sami is another college blogger sharing her college experiences, fashion and beauty advice, along with other general lifestyle topics. All of her posts are always so upbeat and energetic.

10. Helene from Helene in Between

What’s really interesting about Helene’s blog is that she doesn’t believe in niches. She blogs what she feels and that is just so cool to me. She has completely changed up the blogging game. Helene is so supportive to other bloggers and it’s remarkably refreshing.

You guys need to check out these blogging ladies ASAP because they are for real the bees knees!!

Which bloggers can you not get enough of? Let’s talk about it, below!