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Does your mind ever feel so cluttered that the thought of making a to-do list overwhelms you? If that is the case, it’s possible that you might benefit from a Brain Dump.

How to Brain Dump to Declutter your Mind Plus a FREE 4 page Brain Dumping Printable Template!!

A Brain Dump is when you get all of the disconnected ideas floating around your brain down onto paper.

The system I use involves two steps – for the first I categorize my thoughts by what they involve – Work, Blog, School, Personal – things like that.

How to Successfully Brain Dump to get Organized in College!!    How to Brain Dump when you are a busy blogger/working full time/super mom/perfect wife!!

For the next step, I rearrange all of the bullet points into how vital they are – Have to do, Ought to do, Should do, Like to do. Sorting it this way helps me create an ordered list of what needs to get done.

Sort your tasks by priority to ensure that the most important things get done - free Brain Dumping Printable!!

In the Brain Dump Printable, you’ll find 4 different pages:

  • The first is my current Brain Dump template – it will work great for bloggers working full time jobs
  • The next is the Brain Dump list I used in college
  • The third is a Brain Dump sheet where the categories are left blank
  • The last is the Brain Dump sheet which helps you prioritize your taskS

If none of these templates are good for you, please feel free to let me know, and I would be happy to make you a template more suited to your life!!

3 thoughts on “Brain Dump Printable

  1. Thank you so much! This is an awesome printable. I definitely have 5 million things I need to brain dump, after looking on the calendar and realizing my son has an orchestra concert, tonight, that I totally forgot about!

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