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Welcome to Blonde Roast by the Coast!!

About Me

Hi there! I’m Blondie, the creator of Blonde Roast by the Coast. I spend my days as a profpicorigfull-time engineer turned part-time blogger. I’m a born and raised New England girl (Massachusetts, specifically), but I decided to move to Memphis to attend the same school that my dad and uncle had. I just graduated this past May with a Mechanical Engineering degree and Physics minor. I’m majorly shy and introverted to the point where my sister has been calling in our Chinese Take Out order since she was like 6 (and I was 13).

gradI love coffee, cats, crafting, and organizing. I’m an avid baker (and eater) and my sweet treats are highly regarded in Central Massachusetts and Southwestern Tennessee. My boyfriend just moved here from Memphis to be with me (because he’s the sweetest) and we just put an offer on the most perfect house in the world.

I’m very new to blogging and started it as a creative outlet because I deal with mostly hard science at work. While I absolutely LOVE my job and my work, I’m also trying to build a foundation on this site so that someday when I’m lucky enough to start a family, I can take a short break from my career to ensure that my children get all the love and attention they need.

I had been contemplating starting a blog for a while. I had always loved DIY-ing and reading food blogs for my favorite recipes, then one day I stumbled across a couple college blogs and knew I needed to start mine. I’m at a very special place in my life where I just graduated college so all of my experiences (good and bad) are still fresh, I’m just starting my career at an enormous biomedical company that is actually in the business of helping people feel better, I’m moving into a new home soon which I get to make my own, and I’m about to start building a family from the ground up with the love of my life who is also my best friend. I hope that you guys enjoy watching my journey!

About the Blog

Now that you know all about me, let me tell you a bit about what you can expect to find here! Blonde Roast by the Coast is a lifestyle blog containing life experiences, DIY projects, recipes, and style content with a specific focus on organization and caffeination.


Now that I’m about to be a homeowner, I’m taking a real interest in organizing my home: grocery lists, meal planning, meal prepping, decorating, saving money, and more. Since I’m also a recent college grad, I feel that I have a lot of insight into have a successful college experience. I also had a real hard time starting my blog, so I would like to be a blogger who blogs about blogging to help new bloggers get up and running faster.

Please send me an email if you have a comment or question about any of our posts or anything you would like to hear more about. I promise to get back to you in a timely manner.


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